Hutchinson KS EVWR East Kentucky Clovis Sub Kanshino McCall Yard Special... Downloads Smooth Running Lapsed


Evansville Western Railway

EVWR 1 - Mt Vernon & SWMC (TS10)

Coming Soon: EVWR 2 - The West Franklin Branch (TS10)


CSX in East Kentucky

East Kentucky 1 & 2 (TRS04)

East Kentucky 3 (TS10 Compatibility Mode)

East Kentucky 3(ST) (TS10)


BNSF Clovis Sub:

Clovis 1 - Belen to Willard (TRS04)

Clovis 2 - Eastwards to Vaughn (TRS04)

Clovis 2.5 - Belen Dispatcher for TS10 (TS10)


Kanshino Narrow Gauge Railway (TS10)


McCall Yard (TRS04)


Works in Progress

Hutchinson KS

EVWR 3 - Evansville & Howell Yard

EK4 - Typo to Ravena

Clovis III - Eastwards to Fort Sumner



...Current Project...

BNSF Clovis Sub - Clovis III

Current WIP: Clovis 3.0 - Eastwards to Fort Sumner

Clovis 1 Screenshots     Clovis 2 Screenshots     Clovis 2.5 Screenshots

Download Clovis 1   Download Clovis 2   Download Clovis 2.5



Hutchinson KS

Screenshots here...



Evansville Western Railway

Evansville & Howell Yard Screenshots

The West Franklin Branch Screenshots

Southwind Maritime Centre Screenshots

Mt Vernon Indiana Screenshots

Download Evansville Western v1



East Kentucky

EK4 Screenshots

EK1&2 Screenshots     EK3 Screenshots         

Download East Kentucky Routes




Freelance 750 mm Narrow Gauge Route

Kanshino Screenshots

Download Kanshino Narrow Gauge Railway



McCall Yard

McCall Yard Screenshots

Download McCall Yard



...Special Screenies...

the ones I really like!



Lapsed and Abandoned Projects



Hosted Content

checkrail occasionally hosts other 3rd party content creators


A Note for TS12 Users

TS12-SP1+ Users please note that my routes are NOT supported in these versions.

TS10 routes are good up to build 44088 and have been tested in TS12 pre SP1 only.

I am not responsible for nor can I help with content problems in TS12:SP1 or later.


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