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Union Pacific's 'Cane Creek' Sub

Railroad magazines should be illegal!  With the completion of Clovis 2 I had meant to devote some serious hobby time to working on a proposed model railway.  The focus of the model was to be a short spur in downtown Miami - about as far from New Mexico desert as it is possible to get.  Then I spotted the June 2009 Railfan & Railroad Magazine.  I shouldn't have picked it up, I really shouldn't.

The Cane Creek Sub is a 38 mile spur which meanders through incredibly deep canyons from Crescent Junction, Utah to a Potash mine loadout at - you guessed it - Potash UT.  There is nothing on the route except a couple of short passing sidings and a run-around loop at the terminus.  But along the way is some of the most spectacular desert scenery I have ever seen!  The northern end of the branch is very Clovis-like, nothing but desert flatland.  The southern half of the route though follows some phenomenal geological formations as it parallels the Colorado River for much of the run.

I honestly don't know if I can carry off the texturing that this route requires - towering near-vertical walls dominate the scene and near vertical walls do strange things to textures in Trainz.  Who knows, but it will be fun finding out....

It was fun, but the Cane Creek Project was abandoned in late September 2009.  The difficulties of texturing vertical surfaces got the better of me.  I have many projects on 'Hold', but this is one project that definitely won't see the light of day.  Some of the screenies are quite nice and this page remains as a memorial to a lost cause ;-)

The blank DEM for this route is available here.

  The first 'test section' done to try out some textures...

  ... the same shot a darned site closer.



  Crossing Long Canyon Road, almost at the south end of the line at Potash Ut.

            A couple of long shots....

          ... and a couple of close-ups.


            It is darned hard to find an angle in the canyon which isn't just the same shot over and over.  The Jointed Rail Utah Belt Geeps are not entirely out of place :)

                      Southbound drifting downgrade between Bootlegger Tunnel and Gold Bar Canyon.

  Northbound passing the mouth of Gold Bar Canyon.

This one and the following two taken in and around the Gold Bar Recreation Reserve.


  Southbound drifting downgrade through the top end of Bootlegger Canyon just after exiting the south portal of Bootlegger Tunnel.

  SD40-2 and SD60M idle quietly at the north end of Potash yard after running around their empties.

  Almost the same spot...

  The Potash loader at Potash.  Potash is water soluble, in reality the stuff is kept in two huge barn-like silos, but in the absence of any remotely similar asset in Trainz open air stacks win out on the model...

  Workshop area behind the loaders.

  South of the loaders.

  Jackson Bottom is the end of the line.  South of here it's walk, drive or paddle - but no trains!

The Cane Creek Project was abandoned in late September 2009.

The blank DEM for this route is available here.

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