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Belen Dispatcher for TS10

When Chris Hackworth (n8phu) announced that he was going to take the entire catalogue of content left to the Trainz community by Frank McCall (SP_Or_Bust) and upgrade it to TS10 standards I rashly promised to update the old TRS04 Clovis 1 'Belen Dispatcher' Session to TS10 standards to use Chris's new content.  This is it.  Well almost - but not quite...

TS10 standards? Well no, not really!  The foliage is a quick and dirty 'Replace Asset' swap from the old Dave Drake billboard trees to Pofig SpeedTrees.  The vegetation is therefore not really 'desert' - it's all just a bit too green.  But what the heck - the entire Clovis concept was never about the scenery, it was always about the trains.  So the route is my old lo-poly TRS04 approach with SpeedTree shrubs to about 30 meters form the track, then nothing but texture to the horizon.  The track is new, as is the hi-res ballast texture trackside, but everything else is the original lo-res TRS04 ground texture.  Oddly enough it works.  Sort of.  But it's about the trains, remember!

The Route?  The 'new' route is not Clovis 1.  Nor is it C2, nor is it the proposed Clovis 3 project.  The route used for the session is the incomplete Clovis 3 route with new Eastern Portals dropped onto the map at the point where track laying had more-or-less reached when the C3 Project was abandoned.  Which is simply Clovis 2 with about forty minutes driving time added to the eastern end.  Clovis 2 and a bit!

What else do you get? SpeedTrees; new track and ballast texture (Samplaire); Yarnish roads (with traffic); ATLS crossings; numerous track improvements combined with a near total re-signalling of the route (which now works quite a bit better than the original); numerous scenery tweaks and improvements; and a session.  The session will be as close to the original 'Belen Dispatcher' as I can get it, which should be very close indeed!

'Belen Dispatcher' for TS10 was released in April 2014, see this page for details...





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Andy Turnbull (Dermmy) 2014