Clovis 3.0

Onwards to Fort Sumner

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Clovis 3 will extend Clovis 2.5 about 40 miles farther East to include the single track bridge at Fort Sumner, adding yet another dispatching challenge to this busy transcontinental route.  Scenically the 'lo poly' approach used in Clovis 2.5 will be retained.  While not everybody's cup of tea, the approach focuses attention on the trains, which is where it belongs...

            Eastbound stacks pass Evanola (CP 7370), the first crossing East of Yeso.

                    New freeware SD60s from sRs Trainz.  These three ran end to end on C3 smooth as silk...

  Not quite so lo-poly.....


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Andy Turnbull (Dermmy) 2014/15