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This version of Clovis 3 was abandoned because of the lack of appropriate freeware 'desert' style vegetation.  The available shrubbery was just too 'green' for the area portrayed.  What was done at the time the route was abandoned was converted to Clovis 2.5 (here) which reverted to the old 'lo-poly' approach and was released in mid 2014.  The 'new' Clovis 3 continues the 'lo poly' route from Yeso to just East of Fort Sumner - details here.


I said I wouldn't do it, but there ya go - wrong again!  Work commenced on Clovis 3 in late September 2009.  C3 will extend the route eastwards to somewhere east of the Fort Sumner Bridge.

Enthusiasm for the project waned while EK3 was being done, but as of April 2011 the route is once again my current WIP and is moved into TS2010.  Clovis 3 will be my first 'Native Mode' route. 

October 2011 Edit:  Nope - it won't :)  Clovis is by far my favourite route and it WILL get done, but it is on indefinite hold until somebody releases some good looking freeware 3D desert shrubbery, there quite simply isn't any.  The work done on the route in Native Mode looks great and confirms my commitment to Native Mode and 3D greenery, but it is simply too green.  Somebody will do something suitable eventually....

My favourite shot of the TRS04 version of the route - God but I loved that program!  The screenie itself is from TRS09

TS2010 Native Mode: As of April 2011 the route is officially moved to TS2010.  It is worth noting that all of the screenshots are 'honest' shots of the route as it is built and as it will be released, there is no 'eye candy' added just for the screenshot.  Unless otherwise noted, what you see is what you get...

   It's been well over a year since I even touched Clovis, but just suppose you got it into TS2010 Native Mode with 3D trees and 3000 meter draw distance?  Yes, I know it's all too green - but it's running double the fps it used to.  Needs more work...

   ... better!

       More TS2010 'Native Mode' shots.

   BNSF switchers deadhead back towards Belen Yard after a stint at Madrone.  Clovis 3 is now officially a TS2010 Native Mode route!

       Detailing 'backwards' from Jarales towards Belen.  I figure if Belen can work with a reasonable draw distance and a the biggest concentration of 3D trees on the route then everything else will be OK.  If not...

        Belen east fuel pad. 

  EMD SD60s and Helm SD40-2s are personal skin edits on Jointed Rail payware.

             Three shots from the cut-off between Belen and Jarales featuring....

   ... a kitbash from Linda's brilliant library of barn parts.  Beautiful content!

   Westbound CN coal passing Jarales behind GMTX leasers.

        Largo crossover at MP750.5 is the first area completely done in TRS2010.  The route will be completely re-textured using hi-res textures trackside.  How good is that tree in the right hand screenie?  It is from Russian Trainzer 'Pofig' and it is about as good as it gets.  Not sure how appropriate it is to the region, but it is there to stay!

   An overview of the desert test area in TS2010 - the crossover at Largo.

        Largo again

   For a distance of five or six miles between Largo and Buchanan the old ATSF main (M1) swings away to the south while the new BNSF track (M2) cuts straight across the corner.  A long westbound baretable gets under way after holding at Largo to cross from M2 from M1.

       Pick the difference?  I hope so - it took three days, about fifty saves and I wore out the 'Undo' button trying to get from the left hand pic to the right hand pic.  The 'new' foreground look and the new... 

       ...background look where the main difference is a lot less contrast.  The addition of a 'trackbed' texture helps.  I had planned to use a 'ballast' texture, but the default-to-grid thing looks woeful, so a blended dead-grass-and-dirt texture is used instead.  Three days - would you have noticed the change if I hadn't pointed it out?

   Eastbound IM.

        Eastbound Hog coming and going.

   Largo (again) - love this view!  LOD on the wheels kinda kills it tho :(

   Eastbound EMD Leasers (personal skin edits) at Buchanan East on the old ATSF alignment.

        Dragging defects detector at Buchanan.  I should probably move the speed boards...


   Eastbound stack Q-LACICI (Los Angeles - Chicago) thunders through Buchanan.

   UP power eastbound on the new BNSF alignment between Largo and Buchanan.

             New ground textures for the route and for light relief I let loose on some JR rolling stock armed with graffiti fonts.

   Buchanan again, westbound stack.

        Buchanan East on the old ATSF alignment east of Buchanan and near CP7581 west of Buchanan.

        West of Largo, approaching CP 7581.


       JR's latest.


             Summer Storm



The few screencaps below are from the TRS04 version of C3, now kinda pointless since the route in this form will never see the light of day.  Surveyor shots are taken from TRS04, Driver shots are TRS06 or TRS09.  The 09 giveaway is the rolling stock shadows, I have them turned off in 06.  Mostly the screenshots are honest shots of the route as it will be released with the exception that any foreground grass splines and some foreground grass objects are eye candy temporarily placed to enhance posed screenshots.

  The result of the C2 - C3 merge - a vertical misalignment of about 5 meters and a horizontal mis-match of only 80 meters.  Using HOG this is about as good as it gets.  Both the alignment and the 'chasm' are easily fixed.  Fortunately all the industries and road intersections stayed connected through the merge.  Could be worse :)

   The same spot.

  You gotta love that truck!  Eastbound Union Pacific phosphate special near Duoro.

  Westbound passing Duoro.

Video Link: A short video showing an eastbound manifest thundering through Duoro can be seen on U-Tube here.

             Almost the same picture, but not quite!  Westbounds passing East Duoro.

                  Around Cardenas West.

  Back at one of my favourite railfanning spots near Duoro.

          The old ATSF train order office at Duoro.

  Westbound stack passing CP 7581.

          When TRS09 works the graphics are stunning -  these two open to 1800 x 800 versions - love it :)

        A couple of shots back at Vaughn on Clovis2 highlighting Jointed Rail's new SD70ACe's.


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