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Checkrail's 'BNSF Clovis Sub' stretches over 120 miles through  the New Mexico desert from east of the Union Pacific junction at Vaughn NM to the division point yard at Belen NM. 

This route will be challenging on several levels.  Do you fancy driving a hot 8000 foot intermodal 'Z' Train headed by a trio of BNSF SD70ACEs with a fourth shoving on the rear over an undulating route at line speeds up to 70 mph?  Or would you rather leave the driving to the Trainz AI and concentrate on keeping trains running as seven different Portals produce and consume over 100 trains in a 24-hour period?  Or perhaps would prefer to amble out of Belen yard in an old GP60 at the head of a couple dozen assorted freight cars and spend a few hours switching the Madrone industrial spurs?

Whatever your Trainz preferences, this one is for you...

Many thanks to  Justin Cornell, Fred Dugger and Bill Styczinski (in alphabetic order!) for their invaluable help in getting the route, its content and these pages ready for release.  Justin did a lot of extra work on his signals, Fred worked his usual magic identifying the non-DLS content and Bill ran the sessions about 100 times and offered many suggestions for improvement in the route.  Thanks also to George Fisher who provided the seed for the idea that became the unit train ballast loader at Pedernal, a 'kitbash' of which I am rather fond!


Almost everything you need to run and enjoy Checkrail's BNSF Clovis Sub Route is available from the Auran DLS and should be found and automatically downloaded by either the TRS04 'Black Screen' or TRS06's CMP utility.  EVERYTHING not on the DLS is linked to from this page.  The best way to get the route assets is to download everything linked from this page, then download the route.  Then use either the 04 'Black Screen' or CMP to find any DLS assets you may be missing.

Important Note Regarding DLS Content:  The creators of Trainz have 'updated' many items of content on the DLS and in the process have made them unusable in earlier versions of the sim.  I have no idea how much content is currently available, but I am NOT in a position to redistribute any assets which may no longer be available.  The DLS should still contain the original versions, but whether or not TRS04 and/or 06 will download the latest version or the older version with lower TrainzBuild is unknown.

Content not on the DLS:


A re-skinned billboard from me - here

Other modified content for Clovis2 - here.

From USLW:

Slave Driver's chunky mesh track -  here.

From TPR:

A beautiful neon sign from Euphod - here.

A culvert insert from Meridious - here.

Weevil's Curveable Bridges - here.

Idiotbouy's MRL Sign - here.

From Neoklai:

These excellent animated people add a new dimension to Trainz routes.  They are not absolutely necessary, but it is well worth the effort to download the content.  The site is in Russian which may be a bit tricky, the download links are the underlined Cyrillic text just above the images on each of the following pages.  If it all gets too much any missing content Kuid:375028:xxxx can be deleted from the route with no real impact...

Animated Rail Workers 1

Animated Rail Workers 2

Animated Men

Animated Women

Animated Children

Animated Policemen

Animated People

More Animated People

SIGNALS (45324 content): The route was built in TRS04 using a set of signals which was at that time available from the DLS.  Those signals have since been removed from the DLS.  There are updates of the signals available from Jointed Rail, but the TrainzBuild tag on these prohibits their use in Trainz versions below TS10.  I have applied a couple of times to the original creator of the signals for permission to distribute the original assets for folks with the older versions of Trainz for which this route was built.  I have as yet to receive a reply.  Users of TRS10 and up can download the required assets by visiting Jointed Rail, registering and visiting the 'Freeware' pages, but for users of older versions of the sim I am afraid the route is pretty much broken.

To help keep track of where you are on this large route Trainz user 'Backyard' has prepared a very nice track diagram - to download it click the thumbnail below...

The Route:

The route installs into TRS04 or TRS06 and is tested in both versions.  The route is fine in TRS09 if run in 'Compatibility Mode'. 

Download the route 'BNSF Clovis Sub v2.1' here.  (100 Mb approx)

Download two introductory sessions for the route on this page.

Known Issues:

Disused09: The signal 'Disused09' causes issues for some trains entering and/or leaving the main line at the western end of Pedernal Yard.  This signal should be pure eye-candy, but it's unintentional attachment to the main line effects train movements and it needs to be fixed.  Locate the signal using the Surveyor Menu 'Find Object' option.  After locating the signal the quick fix is to simply delete the signal from the route.  The not-quite-so-quick fix is to delete the signal, then replace it attached to the length of invisible track which runs below the station building.  The invisible track runs between the two white spline vertexes just off the platform ends.  Do not move the signal after placement - it 'jumps' to the main line very easily.  If the placement is slightly off, delete and replace till the location is satisfactory.  It is worth double-checking that the signal is correctly placed by gently 'jiggling' one end of the invisible track. If the signal doesn't move, it is still attached to the main line.  Don't forget to rename the new signal 'Disused09'.

-autopilotsignaldistance: Trains on Clovis are long, heavy and fast.  To make it more likely that trains can stop before reaching signals I strongly recommend that users add the line '-autopilotsignaldistance 1200' (without the quotes) to their trainzoptions.txt file.  trainzoptions.txt can be found in the root folder of your Trainz installation and can be edited with Notepad or any other simple text editor.  This modification means AI drivers see and begin reacting to upcoming signals much sooner than the default distance.

Signals:  Clovis2 is completely re-signalled.  The signal script works slightly differently in TRS04, TRS06 and TRS09.  Wherever possible the signals have been chosen to show approximately correct aspects in TRS06 - in fact only a couple on the whole route are blatantly 'wrong'.  Necessarily however some signals show incorrect aspects in TRS04.  Many thanks to Justin Cornell (NorfolkSouthern_37) for his help with the signalling and for backdating his wonderful Safetran Signals to Trainzbuild 2.4 to make it possible to use them on this route.

Signal Installation: Signals are located to suit the Trainz AI when running trains in both directions on both main line tracks.  With the exception of crossovers, facing junctions are NOT signalled since this inevitably leads to Mexican Standoff situations.  Add them if you must...

Framerates v. Draw Distance:  On Clovis1 I recommended using TrainzTuner to increase draw distances.  I have since totally re-thought this issue.  I have taken to running Clovis at default draw distance and with a good bit of 'Good Weather Fog' - about four or five 'notches' of fog.  This fog combines with the chosen sky to create a very indistinct hazy horizon where it is sometimes difficult to work out exactly where clouds, sky and distant hills start and end.  The mood created is a hot hazy summers day, with maybe a hint of a thunderstorm brewing in the distance.  I find this combination very reminiscent of local desert weather conditions and as a bonus framerates are significantly better than with the longer draw distances previously recommended.

Tucumcari Sub: The Union Pacific Tucumcari Sub is modelled for about 20 miles south of Vaughn and about 15 miles to the north of Vaughn.  Apart from Vaughn yard the UP line should be single track with a passing siding at Duran and another passing siding at a place I have called 'Vaughn North'.  The route has another passing loop modelled just south of Vaughn which is included to ease the passage of Union Pacific AI controlled trains through Vaughn.  Without the crossing loop the 'block' between Vaughn and Duran was long enough to cause serious delays and backups at Vaughn.  The double track leading to both sets of UP Portals is also wrong, but again is included as a concession to the Trainz AI.  If any of these modifications offend they are easily removed!

Pedernal West XO: The crossover at Pedernal West is included to allow a facing signal at the western entry to Pedernal Yard to facilitate AI traffic.  This crossover does not exist in reality and both the crossover and the signals protecting it can be deleted if they offend.

Faulty content: CMP will show the route contains 'Faulty' content.  There is NO fault which will prevent any asset from working as intended.  The 'Fault' reported for the Jointed Rail signals is NOT a fault, but a CMP bug which is corrected in CM2.

Missing Bridges in TS09 and up.  You show no missing content, but there are dashed white lines where there should obviously be bridges?  A very simple config fix will resolve this problem: Locate the assets <Kuid:46819:38129> and <Kuid:46819:38132> in Content Manager.  Open for Edit (Ctrl+Shift+E).  Double click config.txt.  Locate and delete the line 'name', easiest way is to place the cursor at the beginning of the next line and backspace till 'name' is gone.  Save and close config.txt.  Close the Edit window.  Commit the assets (Ctrl+M).  Should be good to go...


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