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'Terrain Only' Routes

PLEASE NOTE that I DO NOT create HOG/DEM maps on request!

Terrain Only Routes are 'bare boards' routes with no scenic ground texture other than lines indicating the (approximate) position of rail lines, roads and rivers.  Trainz users are free to download these 'routes' and modify them in any way desired.  The routes are created using DEM and TIGER data via the HOG (Hand Of God) utility.  If any resulting route is released I ask only that you acknowledge this original source, other than that they are without end user restriction except that on no account may any of these routes be used as part of any payware product or as part of a compilation of products which include any payware product. 

All HOG/DEM routes are Trainzbuild 2.4 and will import into all Trainz versions TRS2004 and above.

The following licence agreement applies to all HOG/DEM routes:  Free to use as required except no route derived from this work may be distributed as payware or as part of any compilation of products which contains payware. Please acknowledge the source in any distributed route based on these HOG/DEM bases.

Required Textures: If you do not already have the HOG texture set download them here.  After downloading extract the enclosed 'Ground' folder.  Installation depends upon your Trainz version.  For TRS04 simply drag the entire 'Ground' folder into the TRS04\world\custom\ folder to create a new world\custom\ground directory.  That's it!  For all later Trainz versions open the 'Ground' folder on the desktop and drag the 70 folders it contains into the Content Manager download window.

Have fun...

TS10 The Cane Creek Branch was a DRGW/SP/UP branch from Crescent Junction Utah to Potash Utah which ran through some spectacular desert and canyon scenery.  This DEM is for TS10, if you require a TRS04 version please contact me via the  feedback link at the foot of this page.

Of all the routes I have started this is the one I would most like to see finished!  It offers an attractive regional carrier with run-through traffic from CP, UP, BNSF, CSX and NS all of which run grain and/or coal unit trains to destinations on what is truly a scenically beautiful line.   The DEM covers the western half of the PAL - from west of Paducah (including Metropolis, Cook Coal Terminal and the Joppa Power Plant) to east of Madisonville, including a huge swathe of country to north and south.  The whole thing is huge - well beyond any single route, but there must be a dozen worth-while projects included in this DEM.  The route was created in two parts and merged in Trainz resulting in a slight misalignment at the join which will be very easy to fudge.  The opening view is at the merge.  A huge route with well over 110Mb in the raw terrain cdp alone.

 Indiana & Ohio Railway:  Valley Junction, Ohio to Brooksville, Indiana.  The base for the route I started but will probably never finish.  A very simple route through the valley of the Whitewater River.  Not a lot of operating potential, but it could be a really pretty route.

  MOJAVE - BARSTOW CA.  Actually from a few miles west of Mojave to east of Barstow including the yards at Yermo and Daggett.  This map had to be made as two routes and merged in Trainz.  There is a misalignment at the join of about 300 meters, but it should be reasonably easy to fudge the area concerned.  The opening view when first loading the map is the join.  By pruning overlapping boards it may be possible to merge this map with several of Fishlips' DEMs to  create a California mega-route.  37MB approx.

CHICAGO & NORTH WESTERN:  Cedar Rapids IA - Sterling IL.  This one was a challenge!  It straddles two UTM zones which produces some issues with alignment when merging. Also a one-piece route could not be made, the images were too large for MicroDem to process.  As a result the route had to be made in two sections, then merged in Trainz.  The location of the western edge of a route cannot be controlled so there was a half-board overlap between the routes creating a slight misalignment at the join.  The route was designed so that both these problems occur at the same place giving an area across the middle of the map that will require some terrain manipulation and fudging of exact track alignments.  A biggie with just under 70 MB in the cdp this flatland route has everything from rolling country-side to big city yards.  It will be a challenge to finish, but there are half a dozen worthwhile routes in this if you feel like pruning boards!

  PORT OF TILLAMOOK BAY RR:  Tillamook Bay - Banks OR.  This route has just about every scenically spectacular element possible - from the Port of Tillamook the line heads northwards along a cliff-hugging coastline firstly of the bay, then the Pacific Ocean before cutting inland and threading a series of deep valleys and gorges.  The line has numerous water crossings and the terrain forces the line to loop back on itself time and time again - I could go on and on.  A fair sized route at just over 46Mb in the raw terrain, but a lot of boards will be out of line-of-site through the mountains and can get pruned as the route is built.  I love this one and just might have a go myself...

LOUISIANA SOUTHERN (ex KCS Winnfield Sub): Hodge LA - Winnfield LA plus a fair bit extra to the east, west and south.  27Mb aprox

POWDER RIVER BASIN:  Want to run long modern coal trains?  There must be a dozen mines in this terrain-only representation of the Powder River Basin, or at least that part of it that is within the boundaries of Campbell and Converse Counties, Wyoming.  With just on 70 Meg in the cdp file alone, this is another biggie....

  HAGERSTOWN PA - BIG POOL MD - MARTINSBURG WV:  I got a bit carried away with this one, the route extends from Big Pool Md northwards to Hagerstown Md and south to beyond Martinsburg Wv. The cdp weighs in at a whopping 40Mb, the installed Trainz route files at over 150Mb.  I doubt if anyone could cope with the whole thing, but there are quite a few worthwhile routes wrapped up in this - major yards, several class 1 roads - C&O, PRR, WM etc, urban industrial, rural branches, you name it! Just lop off lots of boards and keep what you need.

Incidentally if large-scale board pruning is required you can lop off literally hundreds at one go with no memory problems if you get rid of them before you start the route.....

One problem I can't fix - the Tiger data has the river banks shown in the same Teal colour as the rail lines, which is pretty confusing, but a topo map or Google Earth image makes things clear.

 HARRISBURG PA - READING PA: Exactly what it says.  Another biggie - 60Mb in cdp form.  The DEM for this one is pretty ordinary, there are quite a few holes and other oddities, and the Tiger positioning varies from spot on to way off. Once again the Tiger data has rivers in the same Teal colour as the railroads which is pretty confusing, specially at the western end of the map, but not a thing I can do about that.  This one was for quaker1, but is free for anybody who wants to have a go!

Oops - couple of mistakes on this one (it was done in a hurry...)

Firstly: The route is mistakenly called Hagerstown in the cdp and shows in Surveyor under that name and

Secondly:  I forgot to delete the HOG texture that covers the ground - it doesn't show for me because I have removed it from my installation.  I'm not about to re-upload the cdp so if you need to see the grid do the following:

TRS04 Open the folder C:\program files\auran\trs04\world\custom\ground and move the folder named Hog19 onto the desktop. Start Trainz, load the route in Surveyor, click past the black screen and select 'Delete Missing Content' from the Surveyor menu. After you quit out of the program you can put Hog19 back where it belongs.

TRS06 Start CMP, find Hog19 in your local content, right click on it and select 'Edit in Explorer' from the pop-up menu. COPY the Hog19 folder from the pop-up window to the desktop.  Now delete Hog 19 from CMP,  Load the route and select 'Delete Missing Content' from the Surveyor menu. You can now re-install Hog19 if you wish by using 'Import Content' from the CMP 'Files' menu and re-installing the folder from the desktop (but I wouldn't bother)....

TC etc I don't have any Trainz product after 06, but pretty sure the procedure is pretty much as per the 06 instructions above.

Sorry about that....

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Feedback is always welcome - please email any comments, queries or criticisms here.

Andrew Turnbull 2013