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Most of my content is available for download from the Auran Download Station.

My Trainz user ID is 203465

To download you MUST be a registered owner of a Trainz product.

Under NO circumstances will content be distributed by any other means.


South Eastern Coal (SECX)

South Eastern Coal operated their own trains out of Hazard Kentucky through the 1970s and 80s.  Their trains are a feature of the East Kentucky route. 

A pack of 4 PaintShed GP38s.  My first content, these locos are far from perfect. Since late 2010 Jointed Rail have beautiful freeware versions of these locos in black and also in the later green scheme.

A pack of four re-skinned H62R hoppers.  Two livery variations, each with a loaded and an empty hopper.

SECX ex-MoPac caboose. H62R Hopper Re-Skins

I love this model by joram24 and have had a lot of fun skinning it for several real and freelance roads.  The skins based on prototype hoppers are as close as possible to the APPEARANCE of the real thing, but the prototype is not necessarily a H62R.  There are comparison photos of some of my models and the prototype hopper that provided the inspiration on this page.

Prototype Roads

Chessie System - B&O

Chessie System - C&O

Chessie System - Western Maryland

Western Maryland Grey.  (Note: The DLS has the wrong screenshot image for this car, the link is correct)

Penn Central Ex-PRR 1 - Restricted Loading

Penn Central Ex-PRR 2 - Restricted Loading

 Penn Central H62R Hopper 3

Penn Central H62R Hopper 4

South Eastern Coal (SECX) 4 Hopper Pack (2 skins - loaded and empty)

Pennsylvania Power And Light (PPLX)

Indianapolis Power and Light (EWSX) 1

Indianapolis Power and Light (EWSX) 2

EWSX without IPL logo (Empty) - different running number from the Loaded version below.

EWSX without IPL Logo (Loaded) - different running number from the Empty version above.

Wisconsin Central

Wisconsin Central (ex- Lake Erie Franklin & Clarion RR)

Wisconsin Central (ex- Burlington Northern)

            Four BPRR hoppers.

Freelance Roads

Appalachia South Eastern (Red)

Appalachia South Eastern (Black)

Danagger Coal Corp (DCCX) 1

Danagger Coal Corp (DCCX) 2


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Andrew Turnbull 2007/8/9/10/11