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EK T(h)ree:  Caution - Hazard Ahead!

The original purpose of EK3 was simply to extend the route westwards to include the yard at Hazard KY, the Lotts Creek coal branch and East Kentucky Power's Hazard Power Station, but I have now decided to update and improve the entire route at the same time.  Look for better trackwork and signalling, new roads, better ground textures and lots of other improvements,  but most of all look for TREES!  Lots of them.  I was never happy with the background texture-only approach to hillsides on EK1 and EK2, an approach forced by a very low-spec computer.  A new computer and TRS06 make forested hillsides a real possibility.

East Kentucky 3 does NOT set out to be an accurate portrayal of the L&N East Kentucky line at any particular period in the line's history.  It sets out rather to create a fun-to-operate Trainz virtual model railway inspired by the L&N's East Kentucky line.  The route is modified by requirements dictated by the workings of the Trainz AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide a route in which the operator can conduct meaningful assignments with a realistic background level of AI controlled traffic.  The most radical departure from reality is that almost the entire main is double-tracked to ease the traffic congestion which would result from the Trainz signalling requirements on a long single-track route.  Also there is no pre-defined time period for the route.  Most of the coal loadouts reflect the late steam/early diesel era - say late 40's to late 60's.  The signalling though is modern - of all the signals available the ones used are imho the best available, both in looks and functionality.  Trackwork is more complex than the prototype for two reasons: firstly double tracking the main complicates entering and leaving yards but mostly I like complex pointwork!  There will be far too many crossings and slips, but I guarantee that it will all work prototypically!  Road traffic is a mix and match of what is available, mostly 50's/60's but it's not even all American!  Passenger Depot's are provided at all likely locations on the main line because I like passenger operation of the old sort - a four-axle diesel and a couple of heavyweight cars.

Session(s) provided with the route will reflect what rolling stock is available - that means predominantly CSX despite the vaguely 50s - 60s look of the route unless some kind souls break out lots of grey and yellow paint on good quality freeware in a big hurry! 

My aim is to provide a great looking route which will allow realistic operation with several graduated fun-to-challenging sessions on a vaguely L&N inspired double-track main line from which diverge several single track coal branches.  I say again - my aim is NOT to produce a historically accurate depiction of the line.  If you want something different, Surveyor is not all that hard to master......


Due to the number of shots there are now two pages in an effort to keep loading times reasonable:-

Screenshots 1: Eastern Portals - Jeff Depot including the Leatherwood and Blair Fork Branches.  Most of these shots the route was being built in TRS04 and run in TRS06.

Screenshots 2: Jeff Yard - Western Portals including the Buckeye Branch and Carrs Fork and associated minor Branches.  For many of these shots the route was being built and run in TS2010.

For anyone interested, the original design philosophy and several of the better screenshots from the old route can be found on the East Kentucky 1 &2 Page.


To download the route East Kentucky 3 click here...

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Andrew Turnbull 2009/10