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East Kentucky 3: Screenshots Page 1

Eastern Portals - Jeff Depot

Including: Leatherwood Branch and Blair Fork Spur


            Three screens from the Blair Fork Branch with the addition of about a million trees, some grass and a bit of retexturing and track tweaking.  Better!

                 More of the same.

            Chessie in the hollers.

     Conrail loads passing the entrance to one of the three 'Blue Diamond' loadouts on Blair Fork.

     CSX empties arrive at Tilford #2, another of the Blue Diamond loaders at the end of the Blair Fork Branch.

     Approaching Beech Fork on the Blair Fork Branch.


     Empties grinding up the Branch from Beech Fork towards Leatherwood....

   ... entering Leatherwood Yard...


    ... and returning later the same day.

                    Leatherwood loader.



       ...and Westbound through Blair Fork Yard.

  Local freight drifting back through Blair Fork on its way from Leatherwood to Hazard.

          A pair of SD40-2s ease back down from Blair Fork Tipple to the loco service area.

            Three shots from near the grade crossing just west of Slemp....

     ... same location, opposite direction.

               Daisy Tipple, including a 'before and after' shot and...

     ... one with no trains.

  A pair of SW1200s drift down the Leatherwood Valley late in the day. 

                  A few shots from my favourite Leatherwood railfanning spots.

  Approaching Dent on the Leatherwood Branch.


     An unlikely Conrail freight on the main line just inside the Eastern Portals.  I have doubled the main line between the portals and Dent Yard.  Not proto, but two portals simplifies AI running considerably.  Whether the entire route gets doubled or not is still an open question, but I suspect two tracks will win.  Anyone desperately in need of a proto route can single it again easily enough...

        Fifty years earlier L&N F7A+F7B+RS3 make their way eastwards with thirty loads.

        Almost the same pic, but the right-hand thumb opens to a 1600 wide panoramic shot of Dent Junction - my favourite screenie so far!

       Leatherwood Junction at the eastern end of Dent Yard on EK2 and EK3.  Spot the differences!

  Eastbound about half way along Dent yard.

   Dent West. (1600 x 625)

     One of RRMods new L&N SW1200s retrieves a loaded hopper from the truck dump behind Cornettsville depot.

  Open Door Road crossing at Cornettsville Ky.

East Kentucky Main: Dent to Jeff Depot

                 Westbound L&N just west of Dent.

          Conrail west of Dent.

        Looking East at Fusonia Depot on EK2 and EK3.

        Red Star Coal's Fusonia truck dump.

        Red Star again!

   Eastbound running wrong-line towards Fusonia.

       Loads meet empties at Fork Branch Road crossing between Dent and Fusonia.

   Just east of Viper Ky.


These five pictures are the first shots from TS2010-SP2.  They are nice, but different.  The colour is not quite what it was and there is something different in the perspective.  Can I learn to live with it - not sure...

               Three more from various locations shot in TS2010-SP2.

OK, the route looks and runs OK in TS2010/2 (looks terrific in fact!) but it will still be built in TRS04 and most of the screenshots will still come from TRS06.  TS10 looks great while running, but the screenshots are captured in a compressed .jpg format which does not take as kindly to photo shopping as does the .tga format of the older versions.  So back to 06...

        ... wherein an eastbound grinds around the sharp bend at Viper Ky.

            Jointed Rail:  Freeware F7s and Payware SD60s.

            Around Viper.

   Surveyor view between Viper and Jeff.

  Last shot of Viper - my favourite camera position on the line so far!

  Westbound empties just about to pass under the road bridge East of Jeff Depot.

  Eastbound passing Jeff Depot.

TS2010 SP3:

It is very possible that EK3 will become my first route built in any Trainz version other than TRS04.  I am as yet undecided, but recent experiments with the route in TS10 are encouraging....

Several shots (mostly of areas covered above)...


            ... best results yet from TS2010!

  Two GP40-2s idle the afternoon away waiting at the western end of Dent Yard.  Another shot from TS2010.

   Westbound empties between Viper and Jeff - one of my favourite photo spots! 



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