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Session 1: 'Endless Coal'

 "Endless Coal" is a multi-purpose session.  As an easy introduction to the route simply start the session and join one or other of Drivers Ami, Cafe or Gus.  Ami will take you from Beech Fork Yard deep in the valley of Leatherwood Creek out to the main line at Dent, then westbound through Jeff and Hazard to the Western Portals.  Gus starts at Charlene Tipple on the Montgomery Branch and takes you past Vicco and down the Carr's Fork Branch to Jeff.  His westwards journey then duplicates Ami's.  Cafe starts at the other end of the route, deep in the hollers at Arnold Tipple at the far end of Jake's Spur then down to Bulan Wye and the Danger Fork Branch, then the Lott's Creek Branch to the major yard at Hazard.  From there he covers the entire main line eastbound through Jeff and Dent to the Eastern Portals.  The entire route is covered by trackside cameras, so jump aboard and either take a seat in the cab or enjoy a rail-fan view from trackside and let the AI take you for a trip or three through scenic East Kentucky. All three trips run simultaneously, to explore all three you must re-start the session.  If played as Introductory Sessions:  Difficulty - Easy (totally AI controlled); Duration - 45 to 60 minutes each Driver

After acquainting yourself with the route try "Endless Coal" the hard way!  "Endless Coal" is a completely open-ended session where portals deliver trains to the route at regular intervals.  Many of these trains are empty coal trains destined for various major yards on the route.  Others are general freights or through coal loads running end-to-end in the background.  Once empties arrive at a yard what happens next is entirely up to you.  Get empties out to the mines for loading, get loads to the power station for unloading, get anything excess out to the portals.  There are mines on the EK Main both east and west of the modelled area, so through Portal-to-Portal traffic either loaded or empty is perfectly acceptable.  The session starts at 07.00 with very few trains on the route, but the tempo quickly builds with roughly two new trains arriving each hour.  Exactly what arrives and where it is headed is random.  If things are too quiet, there are 'spare' locos at each major yard, or grab a passing portal-to-portal train and divert it to a mine or the power station.  If things get too hectic, simply direct empties headed for a yard straight to an exit portal.  What happens, where it happens and how fast it happens is entirely in your hands.  If played as Full Session:  Difficulty - Moderate to Complex; Duration - Open Ended

'Endless Coal' Content not on the DLS:

There is a full list of content below, but the quickest way to be sure you have everything is to download this mini-route and session (Ek3_Content_v3a) The route is a single board with several parallel tracks containing the required assets.  It is NOT a functioning Trainz route.

Note that many of these items will require a visit to the DLS to download dependencies.

<kuid2:45324:100144/5:1> Jointed Rail have arranged the latest version of their site in a way that makes freeware content accessible only to registered users.  Being unregistered I cannot provide download links.  To get the SECX Geeps required by this session requires registration at Jointed Rail (click here).  You will then need to locate the freeware pages and download the SECX GP38-2 2 pack.

ALL RRMods freight car trucks are here.  Get the lot!

<kuid:55290:10000> 60' Boxcar NS1 from RRMods - click here (top row next to the trucks.  Get the trucks!)

<kuid:55290:12001/12002/12004> H62R Hopper CR from RRMods - click here (get the 'Sureshot Bundle' with CSX and CR skins) and click here for a temp download for one that missed the pack!

<kuid:55290:1100203 and 1100204> NS Patch Conrail GP38s from RRMods - click here (5th from the top)

<kuid2:98966:1546234:1> 52' Bulkhead Flat US Steel from USLW - click here.

<kuid:113556:277711> CSX SD40-2 from West Coast Trains - click here and here.

<kuid:113556:858101> NS SD40-2 from West Coast Trains - click here .

<Kuid2:137823:318:1> 60' Boxcar BN from RRMods - click here (4th row from the bottom - dependencies are at the top of the page)

<kuid2:137823:320:1> 60' Boxcar CSX 165380 from RRMods - click here (Bottom row - CSX2 - dependencies are at the top of the page)

<kuid2:137823:321:1> 60' Boxcar CSX 161159 from RRMods - click here (2nd Bottom row - CSX1 - dependencies are at the top of the page)

<kuid:138123:1100227> 60' Boxcar RBOX1 from RRMods - click here (3rd row from the bottom - dependencies are at the top of the page)

<kuid:138423:112458> 62' Bulkhead Flat BN from RRMods - click here (6 from the bottom - dependencies are at the top of the page)

<kuid:138423:112460> 62' Bulkhead Flat TTX from RRMods - click here (3 from the bottom - dependencies are at the top of the page)

<kuid:138423:1100238> 60' Woodchip Gon NS from RRMods - click here (Last item on page)

<kuid:219472:1355 and 1757 and 1818 and 1822> CSX GP40-2s from USLW - Click here - Dependencies are here and here

<kuid:247041:1100011> 60' Woodchip Gon WFTX from RRMods - click here (12-Pack second from the top)

The session downloads as a 'rar' file containing two cdps.  One is the session itself, the second contains driver commands used by the session.

When installing the second cdp simply choose 'Skip' if prompted to over-write assets you already have.

Download 'Endless Coal' here


 Don't forget Fred Dugger's beautiful PDF map of the route.  Click the thumbnail to download a copy.

Session 2: 'Jeff Coal Run'

"Jeff Coal Run" is a sophisticated session created for the route by Fred Dugger.  Users are guided through the session step-by-step with all goals and actions clearly stated.  All assets for the session are either built-in or available from the DLS.  "Jeff Coal Run" is an ideal quick-start introduction to the route with no content hassles.  The download is a zip file.  Download to the desktop, expand using 'WinRAR' and drag the folder into CM3.

Difficulty - Moderate      Duration - 2 Hours (aprox)

Download 'Jeff Coal Run' here

Something special from Jointed Rail

To coincide with the release of East Kentucky 3 Jointed Rail have released a special FREEWARE Pack of their GP38-2 locomotive in SECX colours.

South Eastern Coal ran their own fleet of hoppers out of Hazard in late L&N days.

They also owned GP20s and GP38-2s.  Originally painted black they were later repainted to become the first Kentucky 'Green Train'.


To download the loco pack direct from Jointed Rail click here.

Thanks fellas :-)

SECX hoppers and caboose are available from the DLS.

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