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EK 3 ST - SpeedTrees

TS10 SP3 & TS12 Only

This is a quickie!  Fellow Trainzer 'Pofig' (creator of some of the best 3D greenery around) used the TS2010 'Replace Asset' function to re-forest EK3 using his trees, grasses and shrubbery. 

Rather than a fully fledged release think of this as a quick test-run for SpeedTrees in East Kentucky .  You will find the odd 'floating' tree or shrub, the occasional clump of grass growing through a road, some tracking cameras with obstructed views and other small imperfections that I am normally at pains to get 'right' before release.  So why the 'rush job'?  Because in TS12 the original version of the route looks awful!  For whatever reason the makers of the sim have obsoleted the trees used in the route and replaced them with a selection of trees which appear to have been chosen on the sole criteria of their utter dissimilarity to the originals!  I want a 'proper' version of the route suitable for TS12 out as soon as possible: screenshots of the current version of the route installed in TS12 frankly make me weep! 

Pofig has made such a route but he has done it with a great deal of care and consideration.  There are many new trees, shrubs and grasses created just for the route and some of them are by far the best 3D trees to date.  That's my opinion anyway!  He considers this work a Beta and the decision to release it in this state is mine alone and made (I think) against his better judgement. Could the route use more work?  Yes, it could.  But that work will take months and will (if it happens at all) be applied to the next version of the route: EK IV.  All faults in this version of the route are therefore mine and mine alone.

CONTENT: If you already have the 'Compatibility' version of the route installed in TS2010 you ONLY need download the route cdp's at the foot of this page plus these three downloads:

Pofig's Trees: If you don't already have Pofig's trees click here for a single pack containing all required content. (46Mb Aprox)

Track: This page is in Russian.  Google toolbar will translate but the Download Link is obvious! 5.40Mb.  Click here.

More Track:  Click here for a temporary link till I chase this content down.

If you do not have the 'Compatibility' version of the route installed you also need everything listed below...

Tricky DLS Content:

Ground Textures - Click Here.  These are DLS textures used in the route which are not correctly recorded by CM3 and which may not be downloaded automatically.  When installing the cdp skip anything you already have.

Barn Library - If CM3 fails to download any <kuid2:77573:xxxxxx:x> content manually download this asset from the DLS.


Non-DLS Content Listed By Kuid:

<kuid:Everything:Else> You NEED this:  click here  for several items of content modified for the route.

TPR Content <kuid:9000:370**> <kuid2:30671:other:*>  <kuid:87907:94407162>  click here and here for 2 cdps containing all downloads and dependencies.  Thanks to TPR for allowing me to temporarily distribute this content.

<kuid:9000:61046>  click here (part of the misc content pack)

<kuid2:30671:273***:*>  click here

<kuid2:45324:24***:*> CONTENT FROM 'JOINTED RAIL':  Jointed Rail have arranged the latest version of their site in a way that makes freeware content accessible only to registered users.  To get the remaining content for the route requires registration at Jointed Rail (click here).  You will then need to locate the freeware pages and download the Safetran Signal Pack (you need the NON-NS versions), the Searchlight Signal Pack and the Signal Detail Kit.

<kuid:71619:content> from this page : Busche-Set 1,Gleis-Set 1 and Gras-Set 1. (3 Downloads)

<kuid:86311:15**>  click here

<kuid106916:10227> <kuid:106916:10423> <kuid:106916:10484>  click here

<kuid:151325:29003> click here  (Download Button is 'Descargar')

<kuid:176028:29026/7/8/9>  click here  (Win7 users might need to check security settings to install this asset)

<kuid:202789:1001> click here (Firefox users may need to revert to Internet Explorer for this site)

<kuid:203465:10621>  click here

<kuid:267178:145*>  click here

<kuid:283523:22050/1/2>  click here

<kuid:283523:xxxxxx>  click here

<kuid:287284:1022 and 1095>  click here

<Kuid:370528:content> click here and here and here and here (four downloads)

<kuid:378673:1000**> click here for a temporary link to two Asphalt textures.

<kuid:415152:2991>  click here

<kuid:430331:201>  click here

Missing Bridges?  If you show no missing content but there are dashed white lines where there should obviously be bridges a very simple config fix will resolve this problem: Locate the assets <Kuid:46819:38129> and <Kuid:46819:38132> in Content Manager.  Open for Edit (Ctrl+Shift+E).  Double click config.txt.  Locate and delete the line 'name', easiest way is to place the cursor at the beginning of the next line and backspace till 'name' is gone.  Save and close config.txt.  Close the Edit window.  Commit the assets (Ctrl+M).  Should be good to go...


USA Session Content:  Jointed Rail's new Chessie Geep is the only non-DLS content in this very simple session.  Jointed Rail have arranged the latest version of their site in a way that makes freeware content accessible only to registered users.  Being unregistered I cannot provide download links.  To get the Geeps for the session requires registration at Jointed Rail (click here).  You will then need to locate the freeware pages and download the Chessie GP38-2 pack.

Russian Session Content /

Русские Содержание Сессия

Locomotives from TrainzUp - click here

Wagons from TrainzUp - click here (temporary link till I sort out where this content has gone!)

Download the route East Kentucky 3 ST here  (21 Mb approx)

The route download includes 2 sessions, one using USA Stock, another by Pofig utilising Russian rolling stock.

Also included are various items of content.



To Pofig for all his work not only on the trees, but also on the total 'replanting' of the route.  All credit for the visual impact of this version of the route goes to him, not me.

Very special thanks on this one to Fred Dugger.  It is purely due to Fred's efforts that obtaining content for checkrail routes is so easy.  When I asked Fred to work his wonders on this route I truly expected a quick easy fix - in fact I gave the rest of my usual 'crew' a break so soon after their work on the original EK3.  How wrong I was!  Between TS10's ground texture save bug and the sheer recalcitrance of TS12's Content Manger to actually locate and download DLS content this one turned into about 6 weeks of sheer hard slog.  Thanks Fred!




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