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The Evansville Western Railway is a 125 mile long Class III Shortline which runs westwards from CSX's Howell yard in Evansville Indiana to Okawville in Illinois.  Along the way it interchanges with UP at Mt Vernon IL and BNSF at Woodlawn IL.  Current developments on the real railway include plans to interchange with NS and CN, allowing traffic from almost all major Class 1 Railroads to run on a Trainz route only 125 miles long.

AS with all my projects this route is a freelance interpretation of the Evansville Western Railway, not a blow-by-blow recreation of the original.  While I make a real effort to capture the look and 'feel' of the prototype, I will make whatever changes I believe to be in the interests of better AI operation or which will enhance the visual appeal of the route.

The route will be released in several stages:

Stage 1:  Mt Vernon Indiana and SWMC:  Southwind Maritime Centre and Mt Vernon Indiana will be the first instalment of the Evansville & Western Project.  Located in Mt Vernon Indiana, Southwind Maritime Centre handles unit coal and unit grain train to barge traffic as well as carload consignments to several industries.  A reasonably small project the route should be a fascinating switching layout capable of handling 100+ car length trains.  The first stage route release will also include the nearby town of Mt Vernon Indiana which includes a large industrial area along the Ohio River with many industries large and small being served by the railway.  Note that Mt Vernon Indiana is NOT the location of the UP interchange.  The railway interchanges with UP at Mt Vernon Illinois.  How confusing is that???  EVWR V1 was released in August 2012 and is available here

Stage 2: West Franklin Branch:  This instalment will extend the route eastwards towards the CSX interchange at Howell Yard in Evansville.  The v2 route will include the branch line that serves AB Brown generator Station, Savatran/Cline's new coal stockpile for barge loading and Abengoa BioEnergy's ethanol plant.  The route will also see the arrangements at SWMC updated to include the new Aventine Ethanol plant recently built there. Stage 2 will be released in April 2013

Stage 3: Evansville Howell Yard: Exactly that, plus a good few miles of CSX trackage north and south of there.

LATER:  Westwards to at least Patiki Mine in Illinois (Stage 4) and possibly a later instalment will extend the route farther west to include the UP and BNSF interchanges.

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