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The first instalment of checkrail's Evansville Western Project is a switching route writ large!  The route includes three separate switching areas laid out on a grand scale.

Map by Fred Dugger, see below for a download link.

The eastern half of the route focuses on Southwind Maritime Centre.  Located in Mt Vernon Indiana, SWMC handles unit coal and unit grain train to barge traffic as well as carload consignments to several industries.  Travel a little farther west and the EVWR services a large industrial area which sprawls along the north bank of the Ohio River.  This area features numerous industries both large and small which receive and dispatch all manner of goods by rail.

The main line extends a couple of miles east and west to allow through portal to portal traffic on the main line, or portal-spawned local traffic destined for on-route switching.

Although this is a 'switching' route, apart from unit coal and grain unloading there are no 'interactive' industries.  The route is set up to suit the CMTM traffic system with trackmarks a-plenty so if a defined 'destination' is your thing you are free to experiment to your heart's content...


Thanks to Doug Kersting, Alex Lowmaster, Joe McGuire, and Andre Schulz  for their help in getting the route ready for release.

Thanks to Michael O'Neill (Matruck) for creating lots of new content for the route.

Very special thanks as always to Fred Dugger who has been in it from the start and without whom it would all be a darned sight harder.



All of the following content is required for the route:

203465 Content: Click here for original and modified content from me.  Thanks to all those creators who allowed their content to be modified for this route. (2Mb approx)

267178 Content:  Click here for three ground textures by Zorronov

370528 Content:  Click here for content by Neoklai75. (6Mb approx)

378673 Content: click here for a temporary link to two asphalt textures.

429786 Content:  Click here for a single large pack containing all of Pofig's greenery used on the route. (70Mb approx)

Everything Else:  Click here for all other 3rd Party content used on the route. (43Mb approx)

CONTENT FROM 'JOINTED RAIL':  Jointed Rail have arranged the latest version of their site in a way that makes freeware content accessible only to registered users.  Being unregistered I cannot provide download links.  To get the remaining content for the route requires registration at Jointed Rail (click here).  You will then need to locate the freeware pages and download the Safetran Signal Pack (you need the NON-NS versions) and the Signal Detail Kit.  You will also need to locate and download the 53' Road Trailer packs - be sure to look for the SCENERY trailers, not the 'Loads'!.



Once again Fred Dugger has provided several maps for the route in pdf format.  Get them here.



The route cdp contains the route, a custom region plus some region assets in the form of motor vehicles.  The included cars are HP_Trainz road traffic with a slight correction to make them error-free in TS12.  They have the same kuid as the DLS versions, so you can either overwrite or skip the installs.  If you choose to overwrite remember that the assets will need to be committed manually in CM.  The region also requires other traffic assets available from the DLS.

The cdp also contains a session.  When entering Surveyor PLEASE load the session not the route.  Loading the route will lose all set-up data for ATLS crossings and YARN intersections.  Create new sessions by editing the 'Blank' session.


Download the Evansville Western Route here  (44 Mb approx)



LOAD THE SESSION NOT THE ROUTE! I can't stress this enough!  Trainz saves data such as ATLS grade crossing settings and YARN(ish) Intersection data to the session not to the route.  To add Trains to the route load the default no-trains session for edit, add your rolling stock then save the session with a new name (Save As).  This will give you a new session with trains and all intersections and crossings working.  Any other approach will result in dud grade crossings.  Every rule has an exception and in this case if you are lucky(!) enough to run the latest TS12 build you can load the session, merge it to the route layer and that will transfer the data to the route.  You can now edit the route and retain the ATLS/YARN data.  Again - this ONLY works in the latest TS12 build, everybody else LOAD THE SESSION!

The route is a freelance interpretation of the EVWR, not a dead-scale replica.  The biggest changes are doubling the main line and/or putting the Mt Vernon loco service area in the wrong place (long story!).  Truly the route is generally faithful to the prototype, but I live a zillion miles away and what I can't easily check I just make up as I go along.

93677:1420 'Signal Thingy Box':  This is an invisible signal 'disguised' as a relay cabinet.  It will look better on the route if you open it for edit in CMP (Ctrl+Shift+E), open the config.txt and change the  value of the 'trackside' tag to 4. Save, close, and commit (Ctrl+M).  The signal will work just as well without the edit, but will appear too close to trackside roads in some locations.  Altering the tag should not effect the appearance of the asset on other routes.

Beyond the Portals:  There are Portals at both ends of the route.  The Portals are located far enough from the 'Edge Of The World' that the cab view approaching the Portals is not compromised.  Be aware that the track between the Portals and the Edge of the World is cosmetic only, it is NOT connected to the rest of the route.  You CANNOT place a train beyond the Portals and drive it back into the route, it will derail.

Grade Crossing Barriers: In TS10 traffic stops at an appropriate place in relation to stop lines and crossing barriers.  In TS12 it's all wrong, cars get way too close.  There is no sensible compromise, it's one or the other.  If you run TS12 and don't like barrier gates through car windows you will need to fiddle.  I run TS10 and I don't like cars stopping way too far back!

Missing Bridges in TS12?  If you show no missing content but there are dashed white lines where there should obviously be bridges a very simple config fix will resolve this problem: Locate the assets <Kuid:46819:38129> and <Kuid:46819:38132> in Content Manager.  Open for Edit (Ctrl+Shift+E).  Double click config.txt.  Locate and delete the line with the tag 'name'.  Delete the entire line INCLUDING the spaces after the tag.  The easiest way is to place the cursor at the beginning of the next line down and backspace till 'name' is gone.  Save and close config.txt.  Close the Edit window.  Commit the assets (Ctrl+M).  Should be good to go...

Sessions:  Later - maybe!

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