The West Franklin Branch

(Includes the full EVWRv1.0: SWMC and Mt Vernon)

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EVWR 2 extends the earlier EVWR 1 route eastwards to the outskirts of Evansville.  The main operational interest of the new route is the West Franklin Branch which departs the Evansville Western  main line about half way between Evansville and Mt Vernon.  It runs southwards towards the Ohio River and right at the end of the branch are three large industrial installations:  AB Brown Generator Station; Abengoa Bioenergy; and Cline Mining's new bulk coal drop which trans-ships vast amounts of rail-to-barge coal traffic.

Please note that the v2 route includes the entire EVWRv1 route with many improvements, including the new Aventine Energy Ethanol facility at SWMC.  If you do not already have v1 there is no need to download both routes.

AS  with all my previous routes, this is a freelance route which is inspired by and closely follows the prototype EVWR, but it does not pretend to be an exact representation of the prototype in any manner whatsoever.


Thanks to Doug Kersting and the good folks at RRMods for their help and support in getting this route and session ready for release.

Thanks to Joe (Joram24) and Jason(MDDE608) of RRMods for the freeware EVWR SD40-2 and SD60 for the session.

Thanks to Scott (slabay) for his reskin of the Sp_or_Bust/n8phu ES44AC into SVTX colours.

Thanks also to the many content creators without whose efforts this route would be nothing but blank boards.

Very special thanks as always to Fred Dugger.

Fred Dugger has prepared more of his splendid maps for the route.

  Click here to download detailed maps in pdf format.


Choose 'Skip All' if prompted about duplicate content when installing any of these content packs.

The following content is inherited from the EVWR v1 route and is required ONLY if you DO NOT have EVWR 1 installed. If you already have EVWR v1 installed with no missing content, skip down to 'New EVWR v2 Content' below.

EVWR1 Pofig's Trees:  Click here for a single large pack containing all of Pofig's greenery used on the route. (70Mb approx)

EVWR1 Everything Else:  Click here - Install this cdp ONLY if you do NOT have EVWR v1 installed!

CONTENT FROM 'JOINTED RAIL':  The remaining content for the route requires registration at Jointed Rail (click here).  You will then need to locate the freeware pages and download the  53' Road Trailer packs - be sure to look for the SCENERY trailers, not the 'Loads'!

NEW EVWR v2 Content:

429786 (Pofig) Content: Click here for a few new Pofig trees not used on EVWR1. (3Mb approx)

Everything Else: Click here for all other 3rd Party content used on the route (10Mb approx)

TS10 Users may need to manually download Kuids 413547:102480 and 413547:102488.  These DLS assets have been updated since the route was built and the latest versions have a higher build number than the original.

SESSION CONTENT: Is listed on the Session Notes Page.

The Route and Sessions:

Click here to download the route.

Included in the download are:

The Route: EVWR_v2-04

A Blank Session to load for editing the route.

A functioning Session: Wye Be A Dispatcher - see this page for more details.

A custom Region and various region and route assets - choose 'skip all' if prompted about duplicate content while installing.

Tweaking the Visuals:

A couple of simple config edits will improve the look of the route:

93677:1420 'Signal Thingy Box':  This is an invisible signal 'disguised' as a relay cabinet.  It will look better on the route if you open it for edit in CMP (Ctrl+Shift+E), open the config.txt and change the  value of the 'trackside' tag to 4. Save, close, and commit (Ctrl+M).  The signal will work just as well without the edit, but will appear too close to trackside roads in some locations.  Altering the tag should not effect the appearance of the asset on other routes.

45324: 24003:2 and 45324:24004:2 GROUND SIGNALS:  In some situations the Safetran Ground Signals used in the route will be too far from the track.  They will function correctly, but will look odd.  The visual appeal of the route will be enhanced if you edit the value of the 'trackside' tag to 2.3 / -2.3 as appropriate.


LOAD THE 'Blank' SESSION NOT THE ROUTE! I can't stress this enough!  Trainz saves data such as ATLS grade crossing settings and YARN(ish) Intersection data to the session not to the route.  To create your own session or edit the route load the blank no-trains session for edit, add your rolling stock then save the session with a new name (Save As).  This will give you a new session with trains and all intersections and crossings working.  Any other approach will result in dud grade crossings.  Users of TS12 SP1 and up may not need to follow this procedure, everybody else LOAD THE SESSION!

Road 'T' Intersections:  All 'T' intersections should be visible, and the join between roads and 'T' intersections should be visually seamless.  If some intersections are not visible, or if there is an obvious gap and/or 'joggle' at the join between road and intersection download and install this pack.  Allow it to overwrite existing content.  You will need to check the Open For Edit tab in CM and commit the assets (Select All, then Ctrl+M).  The latest version of these assets have been broken in some versions by the DLS 'cleanup' (a misnomer if ever there was one!).

Track Arrangement and Lever Settings at the Wyes: I don't like the track arrangement on the western leg of both wyes.  I don't like one lever set against the main line on the eastern leg of both wyes.  The AI however loves both arrangements.  During testing ANY other arrangement (and literally dozens of other arrangements were tested) invariably produced either SPADs or stand-offs.  Change things at your peril!

Grade Crossing Barriers: In TS10 traffic stops at an appropriate place in relation to stop lines and crossing barriers.  In TS12 it's all wrong, cars get way too close.  There is no sensible compromise, it's one or the other.  If you run TS12 and don't like barrier gates through car windows you will need to fiddle.  I run TS10 and I don't like cars stopping way too far back!

Missing Bridges in TS12?  If you show no missing content but there are dashed white lines where there should obviously be bridges a very simple config fix will resolve this problem: Locate the assets <Kuid:46819:38129> and <Kuid:46819:38132> in Content Manager.  Open for Edit (Ctrl+Shift+E).  Double click config.txt.  Locate and delete the line with the tag 'name'.  Delete the entire line INCLUDING the spaces after the tag.  The easiest way is to place the cursor at the beginning of the next line down and backspace till 'name' is gone.  Save and close config.txt.  Close the Edit window.  Commit the assets (Ctrl+M).  Should be good to go...

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Andrew Turnbull 2013/14/15