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EVWR 3: Evansville, Howell Yard & the CSX Main


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If you wander about a mile east from the edge of the EVWR2 route you come to a wye.  Beyond the wye sprawls CSX's Howell Yard, eastern terminal of the Evansville Western.  The yard stretches a couple of miles along the west bank of the Ohio River and includes a large loco service area, an IM yard and a flat classification yard.  Many local industries are serviced by CSX yard jobs originating from Howell.  The biggest challenge in this route will be keeping the urban sprawl and the industrial and commercial areas large enough to be convincing without producing a slide-show.....

             Three from the EVWR2 part of the route, but beyond the old Evansville Portals which are now removed....

             ...and the first shot from EVWR3.

        This embryonic Evansville may appear somewhat grander than the real thing, but Dave Drake's City Block splines are cheap as chips performance wise....


            Northbound out of Evansville...

             ... and Northbound again...



            As an excuse to run some black and white locos I have re-instated the old Southern yard east of Pigeon Creek.  In reality it vanished long ago, but what the heck !

            Not Southern, but nearly!  Brilliant skins by Ekankal on socal's High Short Hood GP35.

12 traffic stoppers, three grade crossings and six sets of warning lights on a single ATLS channel.  I wonder if that's some sort of a record!

       Splendid new loco from - worth a look!

  RRMod's new SD40-2 released to coincide with the release of EVWR 2.

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