Hutchinson KS

This one is for Fred!

Two Class One Railroads and a shortline hauling grain, salt, and gas...

Multiple yards, main line running and tangled industrial trackage...

More detail than any previous route...

That's the plan anyway.....

  Just inside the NorthWest Portals on what is rightly K&O trackage a pair of KCS SD40-2s idle a late summer afternoon away waiting for their next turn.



          Custom patch jobs not for release.  Updated versions below....


          Hutchinson Terminals (HTTX) ex-PC U18Bs (riding on bogies from traded-in F7s) between Sterling and Nickerson.

       Two new K&O (WAMX) Gp35s




BNSF grain creeps through Nickerson, a town named for a President of the ATSF Railway...




            Now with Gorge Fisher's 132  lb US prototype track.

            A pair of lost Felixville & Western Alcos power west out of Nickerson headed for Sterling running over track which is now a dricketts reskin of a simulatortrain product.

            The same train returning Eastbound through Nickerson.

   George's track again.  Visually splendid!

            Under threatening skies those Felixville leasers drift south from Sterling.


               Latest track change...

              Around Sterling, KS.


          BNSF grain creeps south through Nickerson.  The SD60s are outstanding new content from content creator SRS.  They are available from his website.

     More new content - the admittedly unlikely L&N SD40-2s are splendid new content from RRMods.  The Co-Op silo is from



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