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The route is Trainzbuild 3.3 (TS2010 and up): Your TS2010 install should be patched up to at least SP3 (Build 43434).  Patches for all released builds are available here.

The route is graphically intense and demanding on computer performance:  To get the best out of the route from the Main Menu in Surveyor or Driver select 'Options'.  Reduce the Draw Distance to 1500 meters.  This sounds short, but the route is tiny and 1500 meters is more than enough.

Please Note that this route is freelance.  While it uses a great deal of Russian content I have no knowledge whatsoever of the prototype railways nor of the country itself.  The route is nothing more than an indulgence in pure fantasy and does not attempt to reproduce any actual place or railway.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to do any editing PLEASE load the route via 'Edit Session' and load the 'Base Session'.  The roads used on the route are Maddy's YARN Roads and the intersections will default to inappropriate USA road signs if loaded via 'Edit Route'.

My thanks to all the content creators who made the content used in this route, there is some amazing stuff!  Thanks also to Mick (Matruck) and Bill (Slave_Driver) who helped with testing and to RED_SHARK for his unfailing support in the N3V Forum.

Very special thanks as always to Fred Dugger (fdugger) without whom it would all be a lot harder!


Well under two square miles with four towns, lots of industries and a maximum run of 4 kilometres on the main line plus several branch lines which meander around all over a perfectly flat landscape?  It's not real!  This is a pure freelance fantasy which started simply as an experiment to see how many SpeedTrees could be used in a small area and grew into the best fun I have ever had in Trainz.  No attempt is made to replicate any real railway or any part of the real Russia - I know nothing about either.  It's just a fun exercise in close to minimum space modelling.  I hope you enjoy playing with it as much as I enjoyed building it...



Following the normal practice with Russian routes content for this one is really easy - it's pretty much all packed in a couple of cdps right here.  While this mode of distribution may seem odd to others it is the absolute norm in Russian and some other European routes.  All content is supplied as intended by the creator under its original kuid and no attempt is made to claim the content as 'mine'.  It is simply supplied in a manner accessible only to Trainz users exactly as intended by the original creator.  When installing choose 'Skip All' if prompted...

Pofig's Trees:  To download all the trees used on the route in a single cdp (80Mb) Click here.

All other non-DLS content (86Mb): Click here - IMPORTANT: TS10 users should install this pack BEFORE downloading DLS content

ROUTE MAP   Another of Fred Dugger's pdf masterpieces - Click Here

The Sessions:

Bare Session - No TrainsThis session is purely for folks who want to edit the route.  It will retain settings for the intersections used.  Loading the route in Surveyor via 'Edit Route' will result in default USA-style signs appearing.

Heavy Traffic: A three-in-one session which opens with the camera focussed on a 'spare' loco - see option 3 below - simply click on either AI Driver to move the camera to the AI train of your choice.  There are two AI trains running fairly complex schedules and riding along with either is an excellent introduction to the route.  One is a passenger train (Driver Boris) which calls at every platform on the route winding its way from the port city of Kanshino to the inland industrial centre of Krivusha and return.  Allow about two hours for the full trip.  There are several long 'Wait' commands in this schedule to help keep the main line clear for the Timber Train (see below) but if you are simply riding along with the passenger train the trip will be much quicker if you cancel the longer 'Wait' commands as they come up.

The second AI train is a Torf (peat) train under the control of Driver Alexi.  This train runs from Krivusha to the open peat mine at Bugrovka, loads and returns to Krivusha where it unloads at the broad gauge interchange.  Allow about 90 minutes for the full trip.

The third session possibility is to join the timber train.  The loco is waiting at Kanshinoa loco depot.  The driver (Pasha) is a friendly soul and is more than willing for you to take the controls, in fact he will promptly fall asleep and leave you completely on your own!  This train's task is to collect a string of empty flat cars from the Krivusha broad gauge timber exchange and visit every lumber industry on the route picking up loads and leaving empties in their place.  Loaded round logs return to Kanshino, but loaded sawn timber goes to the large factory at Krivusha, you can't miss it, it can be seen for miles as you approach the town.  If you are feeling ambitious there are also tank cars at Kanshino bound for the same factory.  How the timber is collected, which route is taken and where the empties are left is all entirely at your discretion.  There is lots of AI traffic to avoid but Operating Rules on the line state that all red signals are Permissive and you are permitted to FOLLOW another train through a red signal provided a safe distance is maintained and speed does not exceed 10 kph.  Don't take this one too seriously - it is a lot of fun but sooner or later a three-way meet will bring things to a standstill however there are three wyes and plenty of sidings that provide potential escape routes!



Session content was simply too big to pack and distribute, so we are back to third party links.  On most of these pages the download link is a small text link in the top left corner right next to the download size in Mb.  Either Internet Explorer with Google Toolbar or Google Chrome will translate entire web pages...

IMPORTANT: Some cdps downloaded from Russian sites may not install.  This is because Trainz no longer recognises Cyrillic characters used in the filename.  Simply rename the cdp to install.  The name can be anything, even 1.cdp will work.

Loco TU4 2218: Click Here

Loco TU4 2181: Click Here

Passenger Carriages: Click Here

Torf Hoppers: Click Here

Tank cars: Click Here (Rename the .cdp before installing unless using a Russian language version of Trainz)

Animated Driver: Click Here

Other Content: Click Here


Download 'Kanshino Narrow Gauge Railway' here.  (1 Mb approx)




If you intend to do any editing PLEASE load the route via 'Edit Session' and load the 'Base Session - No Trains'.  The roads used on the route are Maddy's YARN Roads and the intersections will default to inappropriate USA road signs if loaded via 'Edit Route'.

Track complexity in places is way over the top!  Remember this is a fantasy route so I have indulged my passion for complex trackwork.  Pofig convinced me that no Russian narrow gauge railway should have three-way turnouts so there are none, but there are slips and cross-overs a-plenty.

Possibly related to track complexity, the AI Passenger train run-around move at Krivusha is ridiculous.  The loco travels far too great a distance along the main line before reversing.  Anybody who can suggest a fix which does NOT involve an extra signal on the main line earns my eternal gratitude.

The asset "750mm Tupic" shows faults in TS12.  It is not used in the route and may be deleted.  All other content is error free in TS10 and TS12.

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