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Before proceeding please read and understand the following:

  1. All Trainz Routes downloaded from are and remain the intellectual property of Andy (Dermmy) Turnbull.

  2. Under no circumstances may any route authored by Andy (Dermmy) Turnbull be re-distributed by any means whatsoever in original or modified form.

  3. No route authored by Andy (Dermmy) Turnbull may be used in original or modified form to promote any third party payware or 'donationware'  product without the express written consent of the creator.

  4. These routes are made available to members of the Auran Trainz community on an as-is basis complete with all faults if any and carry no warranty whatsoever either expressed or implied.

  5. Under no circumstances may any person post in any third party website or forum a link to any route which by-passes this page.


Additional notes for creators of sessions or scenarios who wish to distribute their work:

  1. No changes whatsoever may be made to the route except the addition of trackmarks etc.

  2. Routes modified by the addition of trackmarks must be forwarded to me and will only be made available under my kuid from

  3. Sessions or scenarios dependent upon any of my routes may only be made available from and/or Auran's Download Station.  Under no circumstances may a scenario or session dependent upon any of my routes be distributed in any other way.

By clicking this link you acknowledge that you have read understood and agreed with the above conditions: PROCEED

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