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McCall Yard is a small but complex switching route with a western setting. Although the route is DEM based, the setting portrayed is entirely freelance. The route represents a division point yard on a minor Union Pacific main line. The yard can cope with mile-long trains, has a large locomotive service area and serves a large number of industries large and small. There is also an interchange with a minor Southern Pacific branch with several more industries served by the SP.

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An overview of the western end of McCall Yard showing the loco service area with the Southern pacific branch passing below.  The interchange track between the two railroads can be seen curving down behind the loco shed.  The intermodal train is on the West Main, the pair of UP switchers are on the main yard lead.  Several industries served by the SP branch can also be seen.

The main yard can accommodate mile-long trains, this East-bound Auto Parts train is approaching the yard from the west.

Looking East from the eastern end of the yard.  On the left is a large fruit cannery, in the distance can be seen part of the sprawling paper mill complex.

Looking east from the western end of the paper mill.  The large building in the distance has since been replaced with a single large factory building.

The western yard ladder is in the centre of this pic, with a second ladder serving the SP interchange yard and loco service area running alongside.  The trackwork at this end of the ladder is since completely reworked.  Also visible is the silo complex with room for over 100 cars.

Looking east from near the signal gantry protecting the west end of the yard.  A long drag of westbound auto racks is making its way through the yard from the auto plant as a through freight rumbles by on the main.

A trio of CNW Sd40-2s move towards the loco service area....

... which is already occupied by a large number of locos including...

  ... this beautiful Western Pacific Heritage scheme SD70 from Sp_or_bust, creator of most of the locos featured in these screenshots.


North of the main yard is a short industrial branch accessed by a wye off the main yard passing track.

The industries along the branch include a large intermodal yard...

  ... and a huge Auto Plant complex.

  Further along the branch is a large quarry loadout where ...

... a pair of FURX Leasers idle the morning away.

Back at the main yard a through SP Eastbound off the SP Branch makes its way through the yard,

... passing the silo complex...

... and finally rejoining the UP main at the east end of the yard.

  The north end of the Southern Pacific branch incudes its own small loco service area.

This imposing bridge spans a narrow valley at the south end of the SP main.


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