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The original McCall Yard was one of my earliest TRS04 routes and an updated version of this route is the most common request I receive.  Maybe the result will not be what was expected, but here is a greener, fresher totally updated Model Railroad version....

A 'Model Railway' in Trainz in many ways returns Trainz to it's original concept.  The program was originally conceived as a Model Railroad Simulator, it wasn't until TS10 that it became officially a 'Railroad Simulator'.  The idea though of restricting the modelled part of a line to something approaching the width of a typical model railway with view blocks front and back (back-scene and fascia) focuses attention on the Trainz in a way I find visually refreshing.  In many ways it harks back to my original TRS04 'Lo-Poly' approach with detail modelled to only a few meters either side of the track, then pretty much nothing but texture all the way to the horizon.  The "Model Railroadz" approach though justifies this lack of background detail - there simply is NO background - while allowing a high level of foreground detail in a narrow 'strip' that would never be visually acceptable in a 'traditional' Trainz route.

This route is something of a compromise.  Whilst it is undoubtedly a 'Model Railroad', it is in no way a representation of any attainable model even in 'Z' Scale.  The route is DEM based and as a true model railroad it would be totally impractical due both to its large size and the irregularity of the space involved.

T:ANE? That's the obvious question.  I tipped in my $100 towards it's development and I think Tane looks great, it's potential looks huge and I would love to run it.    Fact is though that my rattly old computer simply won't run it - not even close.  A new computer is not even on the horizon, so this will of necessity be a TS10 route.  I believe Pofig trees won't run in the newest version of the sim, but  the good old Trunda trees are making a come-back, so it should be a fairly easy to make a TS10 CompatibilityMode version which will maybe better suit the new program.

The other thing I will say for Model Railroadz in Trainz is that it is quick route building, so look for this one a darned sight quicker than my usual snail pace...


Newest pictures are at the bottom of the page...

           The Eastern approach to the yard, just inside the old 'Portal' locations.

            First few pics showing pretty much all that is done....

            More detail added to the old route.



          McCall Yard - the original Paper Factory is gone, the 'aisle' between the main yard and the factory was ridiculously narrow.  An updated version of the Paper Mill will appear alongside the original SP branch later in the project.

       The new Wolf Bakery building, and a new industry at the Blaine Silos.

Overview of the east entry to the yard with a slightly improved El Fruito factory.

  The new BWolf Bakery again.



  The 'Golden Fleece' service station/roadhouse is a new model by FirstSoloFlight.  It's an Australian prototype and utterly out of place, but still manages to fit right in.

       The branch off the main Wye running out to the InterModal facility and the GM car plant is now a long one-sided peninsula accessed by a nasty duck-under.  Mind your head!

       The IM yard is reduced to two tracks more in keeping with the size of the 'layout'.  The upside is a new four-track yard alongside the IM facility which serves both the IM yard and the GM plant.

  Overview of the eastern yard approach with just a little grid in the background.

       New Family Lines (L&N) locos from RRMods.  The SD40-2 is posed alongside a new Propane industry and the GP38-2s are alongside a visually improved but fundamentally unchanged GM factory.

             Overviews of the Auto Plant on the north leg of the wye.  The track layout at the plant is fundamentally the same as McCall 1 with the addition of a small yard at the north end of the plant and a holding track alongside the two auto rack loading tracks.

       In addition the auto plant branch is now extended through the wall into a new 'North' staging yard.  The exit is masked by a road over-bridge.  The right-hand shot is taken from over the exit road bridge.

  Ex-Family Lines and ex-Chessie patched CSX Geeps lead a short manifest onto the layout from the East fiddle yard.  The FLS is a personal patch on RRMods payware, the Chessie unit is stock RRMods freeware.

The entry to the new staging yard has a sky backdrop to partly conceal the staging yard from the 'layout' side.....

   ...but has the view from the staging area back onto the layout left open with the layout scenery 'faded' into the particle board staging yard bench tops.

  Overview of the staging area with the rear 'wall' removed to allow a clear view!

  Eastern entry yard approach.

  Overview looking towards the Eastern Staging area.  The train comprises 75 cars.

       Westbound swinging of the main and into the yard.

          Personal patch job on Milos' splendid BC Rail SD40-2 skin (below) from RRMods (Payware).


            Splendid new SD75s from

Screenshots of the original TRS04 version of McCall Yard are Here

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Andy Turnbull (Dermmy) 2015