McCall Yard

a small but intensive switching route


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Maxi-Module, or Mini-Route?  I'm not sure, but McCall Yard will be lots of fun no matter what you call it!

Even though it is only ten minutes drive end-to end it includes a double track main line interchanging with a single track branch, a division point yard capable of handling mile-long trains, a large locomotive servicing area and more than fifteen industries varying in size from a single-track scrap yard to several large sprawling industries capable of receiving multiple 20-car cuts.

The route is entirely freelance, although it's DEM/HOG base results in realistic topography. I have given it a Western Theme, the double track East-West Main Line is nominally Union Pacific, the single-track interchanging North-South single line route is theoretically Southern Pacific, but by changing a few signs you can run whatever you like on it.  I chose the 'Western' theme to give a place to run a large collection of Western skins which were out of place on my normal Appalachian Coal-themed routes.  Most of those Western skins were the work of one of Trainz most prolific content creators Frank McCall (SP_OR_BUST) and the name chosen for the route is a tribute to the hundreds of high-quality models and skins Frank has contributed to the Trainz Community.

CONTENT:  All content not on the DLS is available from TrainzProRoutes.

The quickest way to find the content is via the TPR Forum... 

  1. Log in (or register) here
  2. Get both CDP's from this thread
  3. From the first post in this thread get the two CDPs.  It is probably worth also getting the manual.

I am pretty sure that gets the lot.  If you are still missing anything the search engine on TPR's Download Depot is pretty good. The procedure is pretty much the same as the DLS....

  1. Establish which assets are missing. 
  2. Go to This Page
  3. In the 'Query' text box enter the 'middle' two parts of the kuid number (to find for example Kuid2:12345:6789:2 enter 12345:6789) 
  4. From the 'Search In' menu select 'Kuid' 
  5. Leave everything in the 'Category' menu checked. 
  6. Click 'Search' 

That should do it. If there is anything you still can't find, please email me at the link at the foot of this page.

Download 'McCall Yard' here. (5Mb approx)

(Download count does not include a couple of thousand from when the route was on the DLS)

Download Fred Dugger's map of the route here.


Many people contributed to this project, and apologies in advance to anyone overlooked:

Hal and Lars for the idea that sparked the project in the first place;

Weevil for his enormous enthusiasm for the project, help and suggestions (particularly with trackwork) during the Beta phases, and most especially for his work on the scenario included with the original release of the route, unfortunately now broken by unavailable content.

Fred Dugger for his fabulous pdf map of the route and his tireless work on sorting out the content;

Euphod for the great neon signs that adorn many of the buildings;

Meridious for help with signage on one of the custom buildings;

Everyone at TrainzProRoures and USTrainz who helped with the (endless) Beta versions;

And last but not least to Frank McCall (Sp_or_bust) for the content.

SUPPORT: Please post for help at the Auran Forums. 

Finally: If you have half as much fun running McCall Yard as I had building it, then my time was well spent!  Enjoy :)

Feedback is always welcome - please email any comments, queries or criticisms here.

Andrew Turnbull 2007/8/9