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Almost all of the trees and other greenery used in my TS10 routes is created by Pofig.

Pofig allows the re-distribution of his assets in route packs which can be found below.

Pofig's trees are distributed under a Creative Commons License details of which can be read below.

.English Language License.             . Лицензия Язык интерфейса русский.



Clovis 2.5 Trees

29 Mb (approx)



EVWR2 Additional Trees

1.5 Mb (approx)



EVWR1 Tree Pack

70Mb (approx)



Kanshino Tree Pack

80Mb (approx)



EK3st Tree Pack

46 Mb (approx)



Feedback is always welcome - please email any comments, queries or criticisms here.

Andrew Turnbull 2012