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Introductory Session 1

"One Way Traffic"

This is a very basic session to introduce users to the second instalment of Checkrail's BNSF Clovis Sub.  The session is entirely AI driven, just sit back, relax and let the Trainz AI take you on a 120 mile trip through the New Mexico desert from the division point yard at Belen to a few miles east of Vaughn. 

The Clovis Sub is famous for long high-speed intermodal trains, but today's cab pass gets you a ride on one of the line's workhorses: Driver Adair will make you welcome in the cab of his ATSF SD40-2 'Snoot' at the head of a short train of empty ballast hoppers.  You can catch the train just west of Belen Yard from where you will head eastwards through the single-line section in Abo Canyon, up to the line's summit at Mountainair, on down to the BNSF ballast quarry loaders at Pedernal where the train will leave the main line to load at the unit train loader a mile or so to the north.  After loading you will re-join the main,  then on eastwards over more single line track to the Union Pacific interchange at Vaughn before coasting downgrade to the 'end of the line'.  All up the trip will take about three hours and although your train is far from the most exciting on the line you will pass many other high speed trains heading west.

Why 'One Way Traffic'?  Clovis 2 is a large route and running many long trains places a huge load on the system memory.  Realistic traffic loads in both directions crashes my computer, so today Adair is the only train headed East, everything else is westbound.  For users with high end systems this session could provide the basis for a Belen Dispatcher type session similar to the session offered with Clovis 1, just keep adding trains to portals till things start going wrong!

Known Issues:

There will be several 'Waiting for clearance' radio messages but the Trainz AI will resolve all meets and signal issues within a few seconds with two possible exceptions:

(1) Occasionally Adair will stall at the complicated crossover at West Lucy.  Throwing junction LucyXO1B will get him on his way.  This only happens about one run in three.

(2) Depending on the exact timing of the run Adair may get stuck with a long wait at the beginning of the single line track at Carnero.  The track will still be clear to the crossing loop ahead, but an approaching train may have locked the junction at the west end of Trojan siding.  To resolve the conflict locate the train (which will be between Vaughn and Trojan East) and give its driver an order to 'Release Junction > WestTrojanXO1A'.  Adair will now be able to throw the switch and be on his way.

Introductory Session 2

"Meet me at Vaughn"

Another simple AI Driven session to acquaint new drivers with the section of the Union Pacific Tucumcari Sub which forms part of the route.  Driver Adair is once again our host.  Join him in the cab of a Union Pacific SD70M at the head of a long trailer train as he heads north from below Duran NM through Vaughn and on northwards to the end of the world...

A feature of the run is a four-way meet at Vaughn, be in the cab!!

This is my favourite part of the route.  Whereas the Clovis Sub follows river valleys for most of its run, this part of the Tucumcari Sub cuts across the grain of the land, rising and falling through a series of switch-back curves with hardly a straight on the route.  This is a much quicker session than the BNSF one (about 40 minutes) and there are only four trains on the route for most of the way.  With a lighter load on the computer it is worth stretching the draw distance out and enjoying the sight of the long train snaking through the curves from the trackside cameras which cover the entire route.

Known Issues:

Very occasionally Adair will stall at the Vaughn North passing loop.  To get him on his way locate the train which has just been emitted by the UP North Entry Portal and order its driver to "Release Junction > UPKansasCityJct".


Content for both sessions:

Rolling Stock...

Most of the rolling stock required is on the DLS, but this lot isn't....

Please note that most - if not all - of the sites linked to here will require users to be registered and/or logged in before downloading.  Registration with all of these groups is quick, easy and hassle-free.  Links to group homepages are included below....

from Checkrail.com

A simplified BNSF Ballast Hopper from Slave_Driver used as lo-impact eye candy around the loaders at Pedernal.  Thanks Bill for modifying this fine piece of rolling stock for this session.

From West Coast Trainz:  NOTE WCT is currently rebuilding the site, all content may not be available yet...

Locomotives -  Some dependencies for these locomotives are packed separately -there are small text links at the head of each column.  Be sure to get them!  You need:

BNSF: ES44AC and C44-9W                   

ATSF: C44-9W; SD40-2 and SD40-2 Snoot.

UP: C40-8W (Wings); C40-8 ex CNW; C40-8 (Old); C44-9W; SD70M; SD70M(Drk) and SD40-2

CNW: SD40-2


Rolling Stock -     5 car articulated spine set

                              89' Piggyback Flat


from TPR Download Depot:


SP AutoRack


from RRMods.com:


ALL RRMods freight car trucks are here.  Get the lot!

60' Boxcars - For the sessions you need the NS, BN, BNSF, UP, Rail Box and Santa Fe skins.  Don't forget the trucks and other dependencies at the top of the page..

86' Boxcar pack1

45' MoPac Bulkhead Flat - near the bottom of this page.


from USLW:


CSX C40-8 Three Pack

Ballast Hopper Pack 1

Ballast Hopper Pack 3

Ballast Product


1. 'One Way Traffic' Session

Download 'One Way Traffic'for TRS06 here. (69 Kb approx)

Download 'One Way Traffic'for TRS09 here. (69 Kb approx)

2. 'Meet me at Vaughn' Session

Download 'Meet Me At Vaughn' for TRS06 here. (39 Kb approx)

Download 'Meet Me At Vaughn' for TRS09 here. (39 Kb approx)

In both cases the TRS06 and TRS09 sessions are identical with the exception that the 'AI_Brake' asset is removed from the TRS09 session.

There are no TRS04 sessions because the Trainz AI cannot stop heavy trains on grades without the 'AI_Brake'.  Unfortunately this asset (which was designed for TRS06) causes derailments when used in TRS04.

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