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The route is Trainzbuild 3.3 (TS10 Build 44088)

The route SHOULD work in higher TS10 and TS12 builds, and being speed-tree free it SHOULD be okay on TANE.

UNSUPPORTED PUBLIC BETA - or something......

Please note that while this route should load and work in the versions specified above it is largely untested.  I no longer own a computer capable of running any version of Trainz and am therefore unable to make any corrections to this route.  I am also unable to qualify non-DLS content as thoroughly as I usually do. Hopefully all required content is either included or easily found, but I am completely unable to offer any assistance in chasing down 'missing' content.  I have hesitated in releasing this route, but what the heck, take it as-is or leave it - your call!

The route includes a simple ride-along session with no goals or objectives, simply hitch a ride as a passenger or take over the controls of any tram and complete the schedule.  There are also a couple of trams at the depot with drivers but no assigned route, grab one of those if you want to explore. The route includes one continuous loop with provision to change direction. Have fun....

This one download - click here - includes several cdps saved immediately before my computer gave out. Please choose 'skip all' if prompted about duplicate content whilst installing.


I always hesitate to single out a specific content creator but special thanks must be extended to Boat for his brilliant ATLS Traffic Light System.  Without it this route would simply not be possible.

Thanks also to Michael O'Neil (Matruck) who had a quick look at the route and had all the content. Thanks mate!

Known Issues:

The route needs more of everything.  More pedestrians, more parked cars, more signage, more foliage.  Knock yourself out!

There is a road marking on the road that parallels the rail viaduct where a service road ends which requires a click with the 'straighten track' tool.

I had no prototype in mind when I built this route. Road markings etc are freelance generic markings chosen from whatever was easily available.

Traffic - The region used is based on my modern USA region traffic with the result that drivers sit on the wrong side of the car.  Traffic height is also modified for use on Maddy's YARN road system which has a traffic height error. If you change the traffic region cars may sit too low on the roads. Resetting all road heights to 0.00 will fix that issue.

Probably lots more, but again: untested route - take it or leave it......

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Andrew Turnbull 2016