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From Southwind Maritime Center the EVWR main line heads eastwards towards Evansville.  Along the way a branch line meanders southwards towards West Franklin to serve the AB Brown generator station, Abengoa BioEnergy's ethanol plant and Cline Mining/Savatran's new export coal terminal on the Ohio River.  One branch line serving three unit train unloading loops - AI paradise!

            Three shots from the 'old' route, but now with the track prototypically singled.

  Still on EVWR1 but an impossible shot on that version with the south-bound train positioned pretty much where the Evansville Portals were.

  First picture from EVWR2!  The loco is poised pretty much where the Eastern 'Edge Of The World' used to be, everything beyond is new.


            Empty grain from Abengoa works northwards towards the main line.

       CSX coal headed for the AB Brown Generator Station

       Northbound grain empties on the main line.


          CSX coal loads headed south towards AB Brown Generator Station....

   ... and empties northbound.

   I'm not big on blank DEM shots, but this is an exception!  The loop is Cline's new coal stockpile site at West Franklin.  It was only completed in the last month or so on the prototype and fluked it onto Google Earth's latest image.  The loop is nearly a mile tip-to-tip and eventually the whole area will be full of coal.  Being new it wasn't on the Tiger data for the route and laying it out was a blast.  I hope it's in the right place.....

  More double track that shouldn't be there!  The main line is now single track (as it should be) from just east of the Bristol-Mayer-Squibb factory.  About half way between Mt Vernon and Evansville though there is a branch line runs south to serve several large industries, all of which receive or dispatch unit train consignments.  The possibility of a Mexican Standoff where a single-line branch meets a single-line main is simply too great, so for a train length or two either side of the wye more double track is in order.

   Bit of a trick shot, but where is it?

Another where-is-it change on the original part of the route...


   Head-end Power passes its own DPU power shoving on the rear of a 100 car unit grain train.


   Big changes at SWMC - overview of Aventine Energy's new ethanol plant at SWMC.

             More Ethanol - this time Abengoa Energy's plant at West Franklin.

   Northbound leaving Abengoa with Cline Mining's under-construction coal stack in the back ground

   Panoramic shot of a southbound Abengoa train.

   Overview of the triple-track unit train loops at Abengoa.

  Near the AB Brown Generator Station unloader....

        One of my favourite locos - Cody's skin on the freeware SW1500. (

  Total bastardisation of slabay's beautiful RF&P skin.

   Part of the AB Brown Generator Station.

        Switching loose cars on Abengoa's unit train loops with AB Brown in the background.

       AB Brown empties heading north on the branch....

   ...and west along the main line.

   Unlikely, but nice loco!!

        And another nice new loco - freeware from RRMods.

             Three long shots on the branch.

   Over two hours went into this abandoned service station and its immediate surrounds, a scene that will be driven past unseen by the vast majority of users....

        I reckon this is still one of the best locos in Trainz - Ocemy's splendid GE C36-7 - beautifully reskinned in NS colours by ekankal.  Available from the SAXRT Forum.

   Same locos deadheading south later in the day.

   Southbound Abengoa grain swings off the main and onto the branch.

   I found these checkrails on the DLS recently - what a difference they make to a kitbashed crossing!


  Adding checkrails to every grade crossing on the route was a bit of a chore, but the results are worth it.

             New track (well a reskin) from MSGSapper and a sneak preview of n8phu's SP_OR_Bust fixes.  Great stuff!

        Of course new track implies new ballast which resulted in a change of trackside textures.  Changing track is easy:  Replace Asset tool - click - click - click - done.  The trackside ground texture though is used in places other than trackside, so that results in a manual trackside texture change over the entire route.  I hope it's worth it!

       Back at SWMC there were a few YARN crossings, mostly now replaced with ATLS bits and bobs, and any change is an excuse to run a train!


        Eastbound grain headed to Abengoa.

  Branko Spoljanic ("Barney") 1957 - 2013.  Another Trainzer gone....


      New SD80Mac skins from

   Lots to do still, but that's the eastern end of the new route....


        Eastbound through Mt Vernon


   CSX grain arrives at Abengoa BioEnergy's West Franklin ethanol plant with the AB Brown Generator Station belching coal smoke in the background.

       BNSF grain arriving on the route, captured just inside the western portals.

          Savatran Gevos in Penn State blue and white lead a long drag of empty coal gons out of the Cline Export Terminal and onto the branch. Thanks Scott!


             ...shots from the session




            Two splendid new freeware locos from RRMods - EVWR SD40-2 (three skins) and SD60 (single model).

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Andrew Turnbull 2012/13